The Badgers Go Bowling
26th March 2018

Saturday 24th March marked a first for the badgers, as the whole club came together to enjoy Ten Pin Bowling, at MFA Bowl, in St Johns Worcester. With teams playing fixtures in the morning, squads came from far and wide to fill all 16 lanes with happy, smiling faces, with the majority of the club’s…

Chairman’s Blog: March 2018 Safeguarding our Players
19th March 2018

At a time when the Worcestershire FA have commenced Safeguarding validation visits to training and matches, across all of their Charter Standard affiliated clubs, and whilst reading the club’s history, to include on our website, it struck me an important time to focus on what role we all have in looking after the young football…

The WBA Foundation seeking closer Links with the Badgers
19th March 2018

Chris McCoy, Worcestershire Football Development Co-Ordinator, at the Albion Foundation, has written the attached note to the Badgers, introducing himself in his new role at the Albion Foundation, the official charity for West Bromwich Albion FC.  They currently have extra spaces available at their Player Development Centres (PDC) and have asked us to pass to…