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At L&BBFC, we don’t just do football for youngsters; we also provide opportunities for our age 16+ members, staff, and parents to participate in the game. We believe that you are ‘never too old to play’ and that football is a sport for all.L&BBFC is keen to create and offer as many soccer opportunities for folk connected with our club, as we possibly can, either directly or through working in partnership with other likeminded outlets.

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Because we recognise that age should not be a barrier towards playing the game, at a club such as ours, growing old is no reason to give up playing football, it is just a question of considering the level you want to play at, and finding a safe and structured way in which you can continue to participate or even start playing!

Football for adults comes in many forms; from structured small sided casual ‘kick abouts’ through to competitive regular full sided encounters, to include Futsal. At L&BBFC we hope that our older members (age 16+), staff, and parents will be able to access the kind of football that best suits their requirements, either with L&BBFC or within our partner adult football clubs.

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    Adult Team Coaches

    Ed Gallagher
    Simon Blakely



    Hospital Lane Playing Field, Powick (WR2 4SQ) Timing:

    10 AM till 2 PM, Sat and Sun


    Registration open for 2018

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