The FA and SSE have developed an initiative designed to inspire girls aged 5-11 to be involved in football. SSE Wildcats Girls’ Football Centres provide girls with regular opportunities to play football and take part in organised sessions in a fun and engaging environment.

Two hundred Centres were initially established in 2017 and a further eight hundred increased that number for 2018 whilst getting over 20,000 girls’ playing football. Leigh and Bransford Badgers are one of only 22 approved SSE Wildcats Girls’ Football Centres, which will be active across Worcestershire from the April onward

Our SSE Wildcats Girls’ Football Centre is run in conjunction with Worcestershire FAs utilising our already qualified coaches and Ralph’s Stadium, Leigh Sinton facility to offer girls a location nearby where they can get involved. Achieving this important accolade is real testament to the hard work of our coaches who have grown our Girls section from nil to over 20 regular participants in just 12 months.

What was the inspiration behind SSE Wildcats?

* Only 3% of mini teams are girls only.
* Just 41% of girls aged under 10 play football.
* To give girls aged 5-11 the opportunity to experience football in a fun and safe environment.
* To support The FA’s strategic objective to double female participation by 2020.
* To support the objective to make football the number one sport of choice for women and girls by 2021.

Want to get involved with the Badgers SSE Wildcats?

This exciting initiative will enable up to six hundred girls throughout the county to experience being part of the SSE Wildcats programme and support the further development of teams and cluster festivals for this age group.

Our sessions take place on a weekly basis, on Saturday mornings from 930am to 1030am. They are designed to provide a safe environment where girls who don’t currently play the game can have fun engaging with sport, make new friends, develop fundamental skills, try a variety of sessions and create foundations for a lifelong love of sport.

If you would like to get involved and become a member of the Badgers SSE Wildcats Centre please contact the club, via our website at Girls Join or send an email to:

SSE Wildcats Girls’ Football has been established in partnership with SSE, supporters of girls’ football participation and sponsor of the SSE Women’s FA Cup, with support from UEFA, FIFA and The Youth Sport Trust.

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