Badger’s go on Tour with the WBA Foundation

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So pleasing to receive pictures of our Badger Family enjoying their football, and other sports, when away from the club. Seven Badgers, all members of our AEFL U12 City or MJPL U14 Orient squads, who regularly attend the WBA Foundation Player Development Centres (PDC), at Malvern in Worcestershire, where fortunate to spend a day of their Easter Holiday travelling with the the Foundation. Whilst a long day, what an amazing opportunity provided by the WBA Foundation, for our Badgers, to be able to play in games against the Arsenal Foundation followed by a tour of The Emirates, hosted by the Arsenal Foundation.

The Badgers enjoy a special relationship with Richard Holmes, Christopher McCoy and all their Foundation coaches, throughout Worcestershire and this is another shining example of just what is available from membership of both organisation. We have a golden window to influence our young charges and, one day, the boys will appreciate what a wonderful experience this was, providing long term, enduring, memories for our Badgers.