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Football is the world’s most popular team sport and a great way of having fun and keeping fit with friends, old and new. Whilst football can be played in different formats, from 5-a-side to futsal to 11-a-side, indoors and out, it must always be about having fun.

As football is a game of teamwork and individual skills, offering a rewarding experience for all who participate, The Badgers have learnt that girl’s prefer to play with, girls. We tailor our training sessions to suit girls because we know FA studies suggest that girls generally tend to think faster and further ahead than boys.

Girls Development Squad

Over the years we have realised that most girls prefer to play football amongst themselves, separate from the boys, which is why within L&BBFC we created a Girls Development Squad, to run alongside that of the Boys. However, we also realise that not all girls would agree with this, which is why we also continue to offer girls the opportunity to join in with our boys’ squads, within current FA guidelines!

We hope that by introducing football to girls in this way, they will feel more comfortable in participating, and therefore, hopefully join and remain a part of our set up for some time thereafter. In time we hope that sufficient girls will join us, and with the help of parental volunteers, we also hope to then be able to enter and sustain girls’ football squads, in local girls’ leagues and other competitions.

If you are aged four years or over and would like the chance to learn, play, and enjoy football, no matter what your ability, in a safe and structured environment, then why not come and join our Girls Development Squad at our Ralph’s Field Stadium, 9.00a.m. till 10.15 a.m., every Saturday morning? To find us, check out the directions given via our ‘Venues’ page, or, if you want to find out more about what we can offer girls, please contact the relevant club coaching staff via our ‘Who’s Who’ page.

All ages and abilities are welcome, because it really does not matter how good you are or even if you have never played football before. Come along and have a go!

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    Girls Team Coach

    Danielle Miles-Ranger



    Ralph’s Field Stadium:

    9.00AM – 10.15AM, Saturdays


    Typically Wednesday & Thursdays: 6:30PM – 8:30PM

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