The WBA Foundation seeking closer Links with the Badgers

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Chris McCoy, Worcestershire Football Development Co-Ordinator, at the Albion Foundation, has written the attached note to the Badgers, introducing himself in his new role at the Albion Foundation, the official charity for West Bromwich Albion FC. They currently have extra spaces available at their Player Development Centres (PDC) and have asked us to pass to any club members interested in any extra training sessions with the WBA Foundation in the Worcestershire area.

  • At the foundation they are keen to work alongside Grassroots clubs and have stressed that, they have no desire, to take players away from the Badgers, as a grassroots club, in fact the opposite as they are looking to arrange friendlies with our teams in the future. 
  • LBBFC already have many age group players, both boys and girls, who are enjoying mid-week training sessions with the Foundation, as well as their many holiday football camps in Malvern and Worcester. 
  • To enhance our links with the WBA Foundation LBBFC as provided an U12 side to support their last Tournament in Bromsgrove.

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